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Retirement Rebel
Life After 60
Explore life's vibrant possibilities post-sixty with 'Retirement Rebel: Life After 60,' join host Siobhan Daniels on an essential journey for anyone navigating the vibrant, yet often misunderstood, world of life post-sixty.

In her late fifties, Siobhan faced personal loss, battled menopause, and struggled with the isolating world of journalism. At a pivotal crossroads, she chose the path less travelled. Embracing her inner rebel, Siobhan gave up her home and hit the road in a motorhome, marking the start of her journey to rediscover joy, purpose, and herself.

'Retirement Rebel: Life After 60' offers a rich tapestry of in-depth interviews, heartfelt personal stories, and expert advice.

It delves into key themes for the over-sixties, from shattering ageist myths to uncovering new passions and practical life tips.

Siobhan, with her dynamic blend of journalistic acumen and personal experience, transforms each episode into a roadmap for empowerment, fun, and rejuvenation during retirement.

Designed for those facing life transitions, in search of inspiration, or simply needing a boost, this podcast is a guide to flourishing in the later stages of life.

'Retirement Rebel: Life After 60' is not just a podcast; it's a revolutionary movement where age is an attitude, not a limitation.

The show publishes weekly episodes as part of a seasonal format, perfect for integrating into your weekly routine.

Each 45-60minute episode is a dose of motivation, an invitation to join a community redefining retirement one extraordinary story at a time.

Tune in to 'Retirement Rebel: Life After 60' and embrace your inner rebel as Siobhan and her guests prove that the most vibrant chapters of life await after sixty.

Website: https://www.retirementrebel.co.uk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shuvonshuvoff/

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